How to ensure a fast and accurate learning of Noorani Qaida for your children?

learning of Noorani Qaida

Many parents are concerned about their children learning to read the Qur’an, as it is a milestone in the path of every Muslim, and through our extensive experience in teaching “Al-Qaida Al-Nawani” we can say that the most important problems facing any child in his learning of Noorani Qaida are:
* Progress very slowly
* learning of Noorani Qaida with some errors in pronunciation
* Not enjoying the learning of Noorani Qaida, especially for non-Arabic speakers
Therefore, in this article, we would like to try to help you on this journey, asking ِAllah to help us and you on that

before :

You must take into account the age of your child and the extent of his willingness to learn, especially if you are going to teach them online. In fact, there is no single age that is the best. Rather, it depends on the child’s abilities and understanding, but in general we recommend trying different methods for each age. We are not suited to challenge, encouragement, etc.
You can try showing them some letters or educational videos and see how they understand them

How does the learning of Noorani Qaida course in Quran Planet?

We offer each child a free lesson or two lessons for trail. In these lessons, the teacher experiments with some methods with the child and tries to teach him simple things from the light base so that he can evaluate what is appropriate for him, and the supervision department helps him in that, because we consider that each child is an independent project that needs all possible efforts so that We continue his journey professionally.

How do you make sure that the teacher is good?!

This is the most important question you should ask yourself before continuing with any school, because the teacher is the most important element of this educational process, That is why in Quran Planet we carefully select teachers who are graduates of Al-Azhar and have an Ijaza in the Qur’an and who can pass our exams for teachers.
To share the idea with you, we will show you some questions that help you to find  the good teacher

1. How long did your last 3 students complete the Qaida course?

As we said before that students differ in this, but the good period is from 6 to 10 months

2. Do you know anything about educational games?

Educational games distinguish good teachers, as children enjoy more in Noorani Qaida with a teacher who can present the lesson in the context of educational games

You can view some of the educational games that we prepared ourselves from here

3. Can I see part of your lessons with your students?

You can watch some of the teacher’s lessons, no doubt that this will give you an idea of his style, language and students’ interaction with him
You can watch some of our lessons on our Youtube channel 

YouTube video

4. Can I see some of your student recitations, please?

The recitation should be good, without errors, and it will show you what level your son will reach with this teacher one day
You can see some of our students’ recitations on our website

During the course

Learning of Noorani Qaida is a process that requires cooperation between you and the teacher, so you should take care of following up on your son’s homework and constantly ask the teacher about which lessons he has reached. You can test him yourself or attend the teacher’s test for him. Attention to accuracy should take precedence over attention to speed, as there is no point in completing quickly with reading errors that accompany him throughout his life.

After the course

Many parents make the mistake of stopping lessons after the completion of learning Noorani Qaida, and this may lead to the emergence of problems of slow or inaccurate recitation. Therefore, the classes should continue to escalate even after the completion of learning, he should at least continue training To recite at least one lesson per week.

Assalam Alaykum

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