Learn Noorani Qaida online with Quranplanet

Learn Noorani Qaida online

Learn Noorani Qaida online, it is one of the sciences of the Qur’an that is used to learn the Arabic language, and how to pronounce it in a proper way and connect the letters to each other, then how to connect movements with the letters, and through which the places of stress and elongation are learned, through linguistic application with examples from the verses of the Holy Qur’an  القرآن الكريم

Why is it called Al-Qaida Al-Noorania?

The reason for calling that al-Qaida al-Nooraniah is a return to its author, Sheikh Noor Muhammad Haqqani. By updating it, it has become more advanced than before.

The advantages of learning Al-Qaida Al-Noorania online with Quranplanet

  • Whoever learns in this way will be able to read the Qur’an by spelling, regardless of his age, unlike those who did not learn in that way and who find it difficult, especially if he is young, and whoever learns by the light rule, can complete the Qur’an in a short period of time. exceeding six months.
  • This rule is the easiest way to teach reading the Noble Qur’anالقرآن الكريم , as well as Hifz it (memorizing it), for all even beginners, without effort and in a short time.
  • This method enables its owner to pronounce the Makhareg elhroof (letters’ exits) مخارج الحروف
  • It works to master all the rules of Tajweed أحكام التجويد , and also works to teach those who learn these provisions how to apply them while reading the Holy Qur’an.
  • It helps to increase awareness and develop the awareness of the person who learns it and makes him more understanding, even at an early age.
  • This method helps to pronounce the letters of the alphabet in an ideal way, and learn it better than other methods, and it also straightens the tongue in adults.
  • This method helps children to become attached to reading, especially reading the Noble Qur’an القرٱن الكريم

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 Learn  Noorani Qaida To children with tutor Quranplanet

Quranplanet teaches children Al-Qaida Al-Nooraniah in an easy way and using entertaining methods that help the student understand the rule without getting bored of it. We present it in entertaining educational lessons, we will highlight on 10 as following:

  • Lesson 1:

The Tutor teaches the children the single letters of the alphabet, by reading them to the students, and then repeating them through a unified rhythm, until they are firmly established in the students’ minds, and the single letters, such as  أa, bب , thث, and others.

  • Lesson 2:

The teacher teaches the children the compound letters of the alphabet, and tries to train them to pronounce it correctly, and those compound letters such as, Ba با  ,  la لا, to other letters.

Learn Noorani Qaida online
Learn Noorani Qaida online
  • Lesson 3:

After that, the teacher trains the children on Alkassra   الكسرة(broken letters), and teaches them, so that they do not pronounce them as words, and those letters are such as ألر، يس، أ لا م and others.

  • Lesson 4:

The teacher begins to teach the children the vowel letters, and gives them examples of them, and those letters are the ones that are formed by the fatha, kasra, and the damma, such as سَ، سِ، سُ and others.

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  • Lesson 5:

After that, the teacher comes to teach the students the letters of the alphabet, which have the intention, such asطاً، طاٍ، طاٌ

Learn Noorani Qaida online
Learn Noorani Qaida online


  • Lesson 6:

 The teacher trains the students on how to pronounce the movements and  tanweenالتنوين  by giving them examples of it, such as أحدًا  and other words.

  • Lesson 7:

The teacher trains the children on the small alifألف , the small wawواو , and the small yaaياء , by giving them examples of it

  • Lesson 8:

Children learn long vowels, such as با, صو, شي.

  • Lesson 9:

Children practice the letters of the three types of maddالمد , the tanweenالتنوين , and also the letters of the vowelsالحروف المتحركة.

  • Lesson 10:

The teacher trains the children to Al-sokoon السكون and gives them examples of that. After these lesson, we give  Al-shaddaa الشدة )double letter).

Learn Noorani Qaida online
Learn Noorani Qaida online

You can see more about our lessons here

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Quranplanet provides talented teachers to learn Noorani Qaida online and is characterized by:

  • Competent teachers facilitate beginners’ learning using innovative teaching techniques and strategies.
  • They speak native English
  • Experts and the best Qaida teachers are selected under strict selection criteria to meet the high teaching standards of Noorani Qaida.
  • They participated in workshops and obtained various diplomas related to effective teaching skills from different institutions that distinguish them from other teachers.
  • Hold a Ejazaa from Al-Azhar University, the best Islamic institute in Egypt.
  • Our tutors use 3D reproductions of images of the mouth to show you how to correctly pronounce words using articulation points

You can have a free trial to learn Noorani Qaida course for your children and yourself, and you will see how creative the Quranplanet’s tutors are!

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