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Teach your kids Quran

Best Ways To Teach your kids Quran

Qur’an is the ultimate word of Allah Almighty that He bestowed upon His last prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Qur’an has an inspiring tone and is filled with commandments of the Almighty, tales of prophets and their people, and discussion of the phenomenons of life, death, and the afterlife.

Because of the valuable lessons and the nobility attached to the sacred book, children are encouraged to read and understand Qur’an from a very early age. Some even learn it by heart.

Nowadays, there are many hurdles for children to learn better and understand the Qur’an. Both parents and teachers need to adopt innovative techniques and methodologies to help the future generation carry the spirit of the Qur’an.

Here are some ways to help children love, learn, and live the Qur’an.

1.Teach your kids Quran By Telling Qur’anic Stories

Within the pages of the Holy Quran, Allah Almighty has related a number of enchanting tales. These tales not only instill a sense of awe and wonder in us, but they also teach us important life lessons.

Consequently, children will have a more significant curiosity and interest if you tell them stories from the Holy Quran. On the other hand, kids will have the ability to imagine what the Quran looks like. The cumulative effect will fill their hearts with love and association with his ultimate message.

2.Reciting Verses & Chapters

Extraordinary impacts are produced on a person when they listen to recitations of the Holy Quran with profound and concentrated hearts. Therefore, listening to the Holy Quran can be the initial step on the child’s journey toward becoming someone who knows what Allah Almighty wants from him.

Unfortunately, parents do not read passages from the Holy Quran to their children anymore. Even when they recite, some parents do not pay attention to accurate pronunciations, Tajweed or “Makhrij.” Therefore, a recitation that lacks both feeling and understanding will lessen the impact on hearts.

While connecting youngsters with the Quran, ensure they listen and read it correctly.

3.Relying On Different Modes

In addition to reading aloud from the Holy Quran to your children regularly, you should also explain the circumstances and meanings of individual verses. Believers are instructed directly by Allah Almighty to reflect on the teachings of the Holy Book.

Tell the children just enough to pique their curiosity without overwhelming them. Technical notions and concepts that are difficult to understand and complex will cause them to lose interest, resulting in inconsistent understanding and implementation. The mode of delivery is also an important consideration. Therefore, maintain a tone, posture, and depth level suitable for the listener’s age.

4.Helping Them Understand The Meaning

Maintain a respectful demeanor while asserting your right to raise your children following the precepts of Islam. This will entail certain forms of motivation, giving the youngster a prize, being nice to inspire them, and having your focused participation.

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5.Encouraging The Children To Learn More

The secret to success is understanding your child’s quotients, which include their IQ, emotional state, ethical standing, and religious beliefs. When you completely understand your child, you will have imparted practically all of the knowledge you wish to impart to him.

Here are some concepts that will assist in comprehending and putting into practice a successful teaching style below for your convenience:

  • Please encourage them to learn the alphabet and letters at an early age
  • Make them practice proper pronunciation
  • Create small milestones to achieve daily

    Encouraging The Children To Learn More
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6.Learning, Living, & Loving Qur’an

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect. Alright. On the other hand, the key to success is the appropriate kind of practice. How? You may ask.

Unfortunately, playing badminton won’t help your kid become a better hockey player when they switch sports. Isn’t it? Fine. If you want your child to have a positive attitude toward the Quran, you must model that attitude through your daily actions. Therefore, you should first teach yourself the Quran, live by it, and love it.

7.Coming Up With Interesting Activities

Children currently enrolled in educational programs engage in the practice of game-based learning on a widespread basis. They are gaining nearly all of their abilities and knowledge through this method.

Why not incorporate this thought within the teaching of the Holy Quran?

You may try to teach your kids new things while they are playing, for instance. You may, for example, choose a particular verse from inside a chapter and then ask them to locate it.

In addition, you can hold a competition among the kids and provide a prize to the youngster who comes out on top at the end of the game. However, it would be best if you took precautions to ensure that the race does not turn out to be poor.

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8.Devising Supplications & Prayers

The prayer of someone mindful of Allah is their most potent weapon. You must remember that whatever actions you take for yourself and your children, those actions should all be pleasant to Allah.

Therefore, you should begin every endeavor with the noble purpose of rescuing yourself and your family from “Jahanum.”

Therefore, before you embark on this holy expedition with your children, pray to Allah, the Almighty, asking for his protection and blessings.


Teaching Quran to children is necessary because they will grow up according to the teachings of Islam and find an association with the word of Allah Almighty. We have discussed some of the best ways to teach the Quran to children, so make sure you go through them before getting started.

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