Hifz Quran & Norani Qaida

Hifz Quran & Norani Qaida

Through our great experience in the field of teaching Arabic and Qur’an, we have ensured that the best and most appropriate course for beginners is Hifz Quran & Norani Qaida

As it is expected that the student will complete the learning of Al-Qaida Al-Nooraniah in a period of 5 to 8 months, and it is better to continue with the student memorizing the Qur’an during this period, and this also allows him to apply what he learns continuously

Why this course is the best:

  • Most of our students have started this course and the results are amazingAnd this is A full example from our students :
  • Qualified teachers having Ijazah:
    Our Quran teachers have finished hifz Al-Quran by heart at a very young age. It influences them to share their experiences to promote productive outcomes.
  • They are highly devoted and dedicated to helping a lot of Muslims around the world.
  • They have studied and are Ijazah certified from the best leading institute in the world Al Azhar University.
  • Our online hifz tutors are well-trained and aware of the most practical techniques of memorizing the Quran. They have tried all the techniques by themselves
  • The most important stage in the construction is the foundation:
  • Interactive games and activities for this course:
    We designed our own Edu Games to facilitate the lessons of Hifz Quran & Norani Qaida.
    you try one of them now:

They will learn:

  • Reading, writing, and pronouncing the Arabic Alphabet
  • Joining the Arabic Alphabet together
  • The short vowels or the Harakat
  • Basic Tajweed and recitation rules
  • Practice reading and Writing general Arabic
  • Practice reading and writing the Quranic verses.